UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies

High quality and high availability of the electric power are today strategic stakes for all the sectors of the economy. A power breakdown can put in danger the process of a company, generating considerable financial costs. The failure of an electric installation can also induce a human risk, for the operators as for the users.

As testified by the “blackouts” experienced by several countries in a recent past, but also by the more minor power shortages, the frequency of the dysfunctions is regularly increasing. This tendency should be still accentuated with the deregulation of the market of electricity and the climate changes, without counting the disturbances generated by the electric installations themselves.

But static electro technical solutions do exist to protect the infrastructures, the buildings and the processes from any electric breakdown. Among these solutions, UPS is one of the most commonly used today.

CEMEP UPS is the Coordinating Committee for the Associations of Manufacturers of static Uninterruptible Power Supplies systems for industrial, commercial and similar use in the European Union. 

 CEMEP UPS includes the main national trade associations in Europe, representative of the leading manufacturers of UPS.

CEMEP UPS aims to promote and represent in accordance within the framework of the Treaty of Rome and within the framework of the general policy defined by the national federations the common professional interests of its members in all areas of its competencies.

The organization of CEMEP UPS is as follow:

Some words from the new President, Roberto Facci

It is with a great pleasure that I welcome you to this  website and invite you to navigate inside.

CEMEP UPS, the European Coordinating Committee of Manufacturer's of Uninterruptible Power Supplies, has a key role to play in the protection of the interests and promotion of our European electrotechnical industry, as well as decisive challenges to take in regards to the future evolution of electrical networks.

Today, in our modern world it is all about resources efficiency including energy and its management, for a more sustainable environment. This is not a fashion, but a long term trend that will influence more and more all economical and geopolitical decisions. Carbon footprint, energy policy and economical viability will increasingly be correlated to our ability to better manage the energy, and make it more efficient.

To this extent, CEMEP UPS has a central role to play in Europe and beyond.

By defending our ethical values, promoting greener materials and processes in our industry, CEMEP UPS will work with its best experts towards promoting our vision of a more efficient and highly available electrical word.