Industry Group LV Motors

Welcome to CEMEP’s new web site where you can learn about our activities and goals. Our objective is to support a fair competition under reasonable conditions in the field of LV Motors in Europe by helping the LV Motor manufacturers to achieve and maintain competitiveness in the global market through innovation and advanced technology. This in conjunction with the technical expertise and practical assistance we give to relevant EU authorities for the development and realisation of practical industrial policies that drive sustainability and growth.

We always observe European directives and standards and strongly support effective market governance whilst encouraging and assisting each EU member state in the drive to a fair implementation of European laws, regulations and directives. Our aim is to provide a healthier and safer environment for our people and commit to strong ethical behaviour within our business community.

Thank you for your interest in CEMEP LV Motors.

Jani Korkeakoski (ABB), President, Luca Trevisiol (Lafert Group), Vice-President and Bernhard Sattler ( ZVEI), Secretary