About CEMEP Generators and HV MOTORS

CEMEP Generators and HV motors is the platform for economic and technical topics of Industrial Generators and High Voltage Motors in Europe. The main emphasis is on the exchange of opinions and experiences with the product and market development to ensure fair competition under reasonable conditions. Industrial Generators and High Voltage Motors are products that offer safety, reliability and energy efficiency in areas such as renewable energies, electrical power generation, oil & gas, mining, shipbuilding, steel and metal processing industry, petrochemical and chemical industries.

CEMEP Generators and HV motors accepts responsibility and provides information to give all stakeholders like suppliers and users easy-to-understand information about the duties and liability risks arising from relevant standards and directives. This means consideration of specific subjects, e.g. efficiency standards, safety and environmental requirements, material efficiency, circular economy, explosion protection standards etc.. The President of CEMEP HV Motors is Ernst-Peter Weinmann, Siemens the Vice-President is Alessandro Perich, NIDEC-ASI and the Secretary isĀ  Bernhard Sattler, ZVEI.