About the circular economy task force

CEMEP is engaged in the development of a circular economy and our companies are all on the journey towards sustainability. We manufacture products for the industrial market with a long lifetime and life cycle management services.

CEMEP believes that circular economy is an important driver for our business development and aims to be an attractive partner for the European Commission and national authorities when further developing the regulations for circular economy and sustainability. It is important that regulation is targeted for the specific sectors as there are many differences between market conditions and product characteristics, which are crucial for the success of regulatory measures. We also underline the importance of clarifying priorities in EU’s environmental, energy and industry policies and of handling the trade-offs that we will meet in the development of the Circular Economy.

In the task force for circular economy, the members agree on a common position on new regulations related to environment, sustainability, material efficiency and circular economy such as Ecodesign, Sustainable Products Initiative, WEEE, Battery, RoHS, REACH, Packaging etc. We also promote the participation in European and international standardization related to material efficiency and circularity.